Hi there, I am an artist-author and researcher (lecturer tenured) using new digital technologies to explore different ways of telling stories. I am fascinated by the creation in all its forms, movies, songs, games, digital arts, etc. and even more when multiple forms of artistic expression are brought together to offer the same story, a transmedia fiction... I use a lot of techniques to undertake my projects, such as augmented or virtual reality, interactive art installations, 3D simulations, traditionals stop motion movies… Some of my interactive art installations have been rewarded and exhibited in France and overseas notably at the Art Gallery of Siggraph Asia, in the Hammer Museum - Los Angles, ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in Melbourne, or the Ars Electronica (Austria). Fascinated by the great potential of the transmedia fictions I've done in 2012 a PhD thesis at Paris VIII university, titled “Issues of transmedia fiction in terms of creation and reception.”

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