As I’m a transmedia writer-director and digital artist, associate professor at the university Savoy Mont-Blanc.

I have skills in many domains: creativity, technical expertise using softwares (like Maya, Motion Builder, Virtools, Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere), teamwork skills and good management capabilities to lead a project from the beginning to the end.

I’m doctor in aesthetics, science and technology of arts of the university Paris 8.

To explain my PhD thesis briefly: in a world marked by fiction and fed by new medias, immersive stories appear, spread over multiple supports, polymorphical creations which are all together movies, games, artistical installation, happenings, concerts, etc… : fiction transmedias.
In a research approach based on practical realisations, my doctoral thesis aims at questioning fiction transmedia’s challenges in terms of creation and audience reception.
In a first step, this research focused on drawing a semantic mapping aiming at categorizing diverse forms of analyzed transmedias.
I’ve, in a second step, tracked, in Art history, potential origins of transmedia creation mode as it appears nowadays, then observed the emergence of first productions generating this genre and finally proposed a corpus of fiction transmedias selected for their creative originality.
Analyzing diverse fiction transmedias and personal productions gave us then the opportunity to focus on modifications generated by the transmedia shape of a fictional production. It appears indeed that this mode of production, aiming at making dreams more realistic, gives the author the possibility of expressing her realm of imagination without medias limitation, and positions her as a genuine director of a fiction spread over multiple supports, real as well as numerical. Moreover, this kind of narration also leads to alterations in relations of audience towards production, as fiction transmedias are likely to be participative and very immersive.
This doctoral thesis propose the possibility of emergence of a new genre : the Trans-Art, a polymorphical creation mode aiming at renewing author’s creation processes as well as relation between audience and production.